Youth of today

Being a young person today is not as easy as when I was young. Sure, we had challenges, but they were simple choices between right and wrong. And we had a shitload of guidance. And yes some of the guidance was totally twisted. But mostly we could follow the guidance and come out ohk on the other side.

But the youth of today face a totally different set of challenges. The lines between right and wrong, beneficial and harmful and fake and real have become so blurred that young ppl feel doubt their value as a person, and feel lost and worthless at an alarming young age. Add into the mix the political doctrine of all rights with minimal responsibilities, peer pressure, lack of role models and it is easy to see why older folks believe there is a generation of young ppl out there with a bleak and dark future out there. But t need not be like that. We at the Shackz believe in the future of every person that reaches out to us, and even more so the young ppl out there that are searching, not lost, but searching. Or their parents who do not know how to deal with the child they do not understand anymore. So whether u are a teenager, high school student, or parent that have issues regarding youth matters, please reach out and allow us to help you be the difference between success and failure, between becoming the best version of u, or becoming just another statistic that negative ppl will quote as proof of the lost generation and how bad kids are becoming.



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