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What is Depamine??

Depamine is a type of Neuro-transmitter chemical from

your own brain. Your nervous system uses this chemical to send messages between nerve cells. Aka "chemical messenger" This feel good chemical plays a big role in how you feel any pleasure. Your ability to think and plan. Helps finding your strive, focus and helps you being inquisitive. It gets spread ove 4 major pathways of your brain. And unfortunately like most systems you won't know something is wrong before it's a major problem.

Too much or too little can lead to a vast range of health issues. It affects many parts of your behavior and physical functions ex: Learning, Motivation, Heart rate, Blood vessel functions, Kidney function, Sleep, Mood, Attention, Pain processors exc.

Role in mental health

Although hard to pinpoint a single cause of most mental health disorders. But it can often be linked to either Too Much or Too Little Depamine in parts of the brain.


Schizophrenia - Hyper active Depamine system. To much Depamine causes Hallucinations and Delusions. A lack of it in other parts of the brain causes lack of Motivation and Desire.

ADHD - Shortage of Depamine. The drug Metphenidate (Ritalin) is given to boost the Depamine therefore making the person calm and happy.

Depamine plays a huge role in Diseases. ex

Parkinson - Your body produces less Depamine. The chemical imbalance causing physical symptoms like tremors, stiffness, poor balance exc. Treatment is given to raise the dopamine. FYI Obesity is also a disease where Dopamine plays a role.

Dopamine usually plays a secondary role. But in some instances can safe life's. Doctor's uses dopamine (Inotropin) to treat

@ low blood pressure

@ poor cardio output

@ poor blood flow

@ some cases of septic shock

Possible Complications

Irregular heart beat


Faster heart rate

Chest pain


Because it interacts with many meds it's IMPERATIVE that you know ALL YOUR MEDS YOU ARE USING....

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