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You won't fit

If you are skinny, you are on drugs. If you are fat, you need to lose weight. If you drink, you are an alcoholic. If you get dress up, you are conceited. If you dress down, you’ve let yourself go. If you speak your mind, you are rude. If you don’t say anything, you are snobbish. If you are sociable, you’re a party animal. If you stay to yourself, you are detached.

You can’t do anything without being criticized. We live in a society where people can’t survive if they are not judging the next person. Let’s build each other up. We are all the best we can, in the same game called life.

Author Unknown


Be yourself be kind to yourself

No matter who says what.

You are beautiful with all your imperfections, and scars, don't try to fit in everyone's little box. You won't fit, you will be either to little to big to loud to quiet. It ain't worth it to lose yourself piece by piece trying to fit.

Fit in your own world create your own world. People who loves you for you, will always be happy in your presence.

Have courage



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