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Ever said something and immediately regretted it??

Looked into that person's eyes and knew you did in- reputable damage without thinking?? Knew that your word were the cause of another's soul crushing hurt. Not what you did but what you said, will be stuck in their mind for eternity. To be replayed over and over again, slowly but surely becoming part of them, their whole existence will start rotating around your words.

Being true or an un-founded statement they start believing what you've said. They start questioning their own thoughts, feelings the things they do. The way they talk, act around people. They don't trust others, always looking for a hidden agenda behind every smile every friendly gesture.

Why?? Because You couldn't CONTROL YOUR MOUTH!!!!

Sometimes it's just a 'stupid' remark that escalate.


You say to your child "go get your dad" suddenly it becomes "my mom and your dad". Almost immediately you have created a border inside your household. More than one fight starting between mom and dad in front of the children. With everything centered around "your children and mine". That border just became a gaping hole. Between brothers and sisters moms and dad's and their children. Because in that moment you said 'your child' you disowned that child in their subconscious you split your children up between you and your partner.

Things get worse so let's say your partner start to behave 'strange' more than usual in your eyes, and you talk to friends "who knows" nowadays everyone can Google symptoms. And your partner gets #labeled "psychopath". That child you said was your partners believed you that he /she was only that partners child you don't want them anymore...

So what happens next?? Easy comes the word "you are just as crazy as your mom/dad!!" Leaving a scar forever... To be revisisited over and over and over again. Those words will echo in their first born cries. They will believe that they are totally #psycho, have #nervous breakdowns, fall apart piece by piece. Question themselves." there's no one harder on #oneself than #oneself"

They actually seize to exist be themselves, to scared to grow outside themselves. They see themselves as #useless, #notgoodenough. They start doing things to shock the people who really loves them - but especially YOU!! They want to hurt as they are hurting.

Their bodies become a mirage of #illness and #disease.

Just because YOU #labeled them without thinking...

They sometimes do give up - but a lucky few gets the "much" needed #help an #love to pull them through start to live a life of un- abandoned happiness. Find their #soul their #voice.

So do me a #favor before labeling anyone with just #hearsay #Google or out of #anger...




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