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What's the cause of your depression?

I don't have depression anymore.

I suffered depression since I was very young up until fairly recently for 55 years.

How did I cure my depression you may ask?

I will get to that in a moment.

When I was younger I was put on depakote, Prozac and lithium.

Absolutely none of these did a thing for me.

I have also been on anti-anxiety medication.

This medication I was taking, risperitone, is also used for people who have autism.

This did absolutely nothing to cure my anxiety, actually it made it worse.

Not only this but I gained a substantial amount of weight.

But for one of my autistic clients that I was working for it worked wonders for him.

Unfortunately it also had a horrible side effect of massive weight gain and so we had to take him off that medication unfortunately..

So, how did I cure my depression?

How I cured my depression was I figured out that the reason why I was depressed was because I was being covertly manipulated and abused since I was a child.

Two and a half years ago I figured out that my ex-wife is a malignant narcissist.

It's because of this that I figured out that both of my parents are covert psychopaths.

It's also because of this that I figured out my two bosses were malignant narcissists.

And that I had other family members, friends and acquaintances that were toxic.

Now that they are all gone, and I've had a chance to recover my depression has vanished.

I believe that once you understand certain aspects of your life it can make a huge difference.

I'm a firm believer in the fact that a lot of our ills in this world come from covert manipulations that actually are subconscious.

Much of how we run our lives is based on the subconscious.

You're pretty much put underneath a spell by a disordered person.

So, once that person is gone your brain is not under that kind of duress any longer.

But, you need to permanently be out of their life in order for your mind to let go of the trauma bond that they have on you.

If you leave any avenue open that trauma bond will stay with you..

I never needed medication, I needed to get rid of the people in my life who are toxic.

I can almost guarantee that your life will change for the better getting rid of these people permanently out of your life.

These people have kept you from being able to live.

For those of you who are still in relationships with these people do it for yourself and get out as soon as possible.

I know in the short term it'll be extremely difficult.

But the short-term pain is nothing compared to the long-term happiness and absolute relief you will have in your life.

I wish you well.


Mr. Frederick


The Shackz

083 651 3729

065 741 3428


Growing Wings

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