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What is Chat Shack 22


hat Shack is a space i opened for when you need to talk Those days when words can't come out and you know it needs to Those days when it's hard to cope with everyday struggles. the days that gets to much those days you just need to say Hi and be understood listened to and not be judged. Those days that you use to go to your mom dad sister aunt neighbor whom ever would have the time to listen. These days you can't anymore well some of us. and it's for those some of us that this Chat Shack was created. To be yourself no sugarcoated answers or questions just be yourself. And i will be myself so don't expect miracles lol. I would really like to concerntrate on Men and Woman in abusive situations as a victim and a abuser if they want to or can be reabilitated. I would really like your opinion on it. Abused woman and men wanting to move on. And especially the mental state of all. Even those who think they are okay... So please please feel free to post whatever's on your heart and be prepared for some fall-out lol if not appropriate. But it's okay we don't judge lol. i can't guarantee answers but i can guarantee an ear to listen. Just leave me your message and i will respond. There is a group chat where you can be added to or one on one with the *awesome* me lol. In the group chat all i ask is respect each others views for what they are. They have opinions just like you if you private them with crap like Trading and loans and whatever else it is you want to sell the group and the site won't be for you. Just remember it's a group chat for emotional support not a political platform a dating site or sex site. We are here for one another for EMOTIONAL SUPPORT!!!!! Your only step is say Hi and let's talk.

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