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What does a Narcissist want in a Relationship

What exactly does a narcissist want in a relationship?

1. They look for people who are loyal, optimistic, self-sacrificing.

2. They like to keep their partner on the line to get a narcissistic supply or ‘fill’ when needed.

3. They want someone that makes them feel good at the cost of anything or anyone.

4. They feel that those who love them should exclusively build them up.

5. The partner is expected to stop everything to help the narcissist if they’re having a crisis.

6. Narcissists seek a partnership in which they can dominate both the partner and the relationship.

7. They anticipate being treated with an air of elitism, superiority, and exclusivity.

8. A narcissist is looking to be admired, adored, validated, and aggrandized.

9. They want everything to go their way, and all concessions are made in their favor.

10. They desire a partner who forgives easily and often.

11. A narcissist desires a relationship that will enhance their image.

12. The narcissist wants “you” to be responsible.

13. A partner that sacrifices the needs of others first before their own.


"Don't get stuck in a relationship where you always feel the need to apologize.

Get out.



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