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What do most people not realise is a symptom of depression?

A chaotic home environment.

If you want to get a glimpse into someones inner world, go visit their place and see what it looks like.

Is their room or house a total chaos? Are there clothes, papers, and empty bottles piled up everywhere? Are the wallpapers peeling off? Are there trash bags in every corner and is their room or house very dirty?

If yes, chances are they suffer from some sort of depression that requires attention and should ring your alarm bells.

Someone who feels at least a little bit in control of their life and somewhat good about themselves will have a relatively neat, clean, and somewhat organized home environment.


This one is common but often gets overlooked because most assume it is nothing but laziness.

And that may be the case but, often it can be a symptom of a deeper problem.

So if they tend to delay tasks until the next day, never really solve their problems, don’t take much action, or wait until the last minute to finish tasks or to solve problems, it is either depression or some other problem that needs attention and healing.

Constant arguing.

I found that people who are very confrontational, who take things too personally, and who argue a lot (especially online) tend to have some sort of mental illness or less serious mental problem that needs their loving attention.

Sometimes, this can also be a cry for help.

So if you encounter someone like that, encouragw them to get into mindful meditation or to do therapy.


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