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What are the things we should never do?

1. Never tell a lie to comfort someone , hurt them with turth. It will save time and uneces? sary pain.

2. Never talk negative about yourself that can do more damage than other people ever can.

3. Never tell your secrets to anyone seriously cause people are unpredictable also less comapassionate.

4. Never take anything for granted.

5. Never miss any opportunity because you think you’re not capable of it.

6. Never leave something on 4may be , either it’s a hell yes or a big No.

7. Never look down on anyone because they lack a skill.

8. Never make someone feel stupid for trusting you.

9. Never treat someone poorly and take shelter under childhood trauma.

Never ever use someone to boost your ego and treat humans as you want to be treated.

10. Never trust someone more than your intuition.

11. Never take people or things for granted; always be grateful.

12. Never judge people by their appearances before you know them, and never try to repaint them after they show their true colors.

13. Never settle for less than you deserve.

13: Never expect; expectations will disappoint you over and over again, try to focus on your side of the story, make sure you’re giving your best, and let others meet you there.

14. Never talk to yourself negatively; your thoughts become your reality.

15. Never leave your loved ones without telling them you love them and/or apologizing for something wrong you did or said. You never know if you’ll ever have another chance.

16. Never regret doing good; You’re not doing it for others to recognize your value, you’re doing it for yourself.

17. Never knock on the same door more than 3 times; if it’s not opening, it’s not “your door”. Move on, you’re meant for more!

18. Never put all your eggs in one basket; Eggs here could mean anything, money, effort, feelings, you name it…

19. Never give up. And never expect life to be easier on you. God knows well your abilities and whatever he handed you, he knows you can carry...

20. Never ignore your gut and your body’s needs. When tired, you need to rest. When sick, you need to take care. When surrounded by negative vibes, you need to reclaim your peace and cut off the drama.

21. :Never say never; the Human mind changes every 5 years, your perspective will change, the meaning of life and things will change, Keep your options open and just focus on the moment.

This is my opinion about the subject.


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