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We need your help

Good day we are a Registered NPO in urgent need of your help. We have been advertising as a online help and support line since Aug 2021. I have been doing it since Oct 2020. We need your help for the following.

1 To pay our Facebook ads so we can reach more people who are in an abusive relationship or has ptsd, depression anxiety, suicide attempts exc. The emotional need is really high and we can't reach very far without your help.

2. For a shelter in who has no means for donations in Vereeniging The Shackz Willie's Haven. They are white families and young men and woman who lost there way and yes there are drug addicts. But here they are kept clean and looked after. Here many of them has found their salvation from drugs. They live from Hannelie Taljaard meager old age Sassa. I would really be grateful for any and all help towards the Haven.

3. The need for physical help is high and we can't keep up with the demand for food parcels. So at this stage every cent counts for us.

4- Lastly but not least up to know we have been using our own data. Whenever an head Admin runs out I will try and get them data to carry on. So even your R5 can buy a few Meg.

Our goal is 20 000 so please please help us get further with our reach. And reach people not only emotionally but physically.

Being a registered NPO/NGO you can use your donation as a tax write off.

1- Advertising

2- Willie's Haven

3- Food parcels

4- Data

Bank acc





Our ref

Your name 1 2 or 3

Your ref


NPO number

2022 /632865 /08

For any enquiry


Creator & Founder

The Shackz

083 651 3729

Please if you can't donate help us by sharing our word.

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