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We Need You

We all need help at times. If you are a man, woman or young adult you can't go through life without 'help'. So why not reach out we are here. We might not know the answers to all your problems. But we do have abundance of knowledge within our groups and our admins has life experience as well as book experience. We won't stop looking until your flame burns bright again.

Unfortunately we do need your help as well. Since we do not charge at all, we depend on everyone for data, to reach more people to help more people to keep our flames full and online whenever wherever we are needed. So by your R5 R10 data is put to good use, we aren't asking for money. Just send data as you can...And help us help others.


Creator & Founder

The Shackz

083 651 3729

065 741 3428


079 847 4709

083 651 3729


060 574 3344

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