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Watch your children

*‼️Attempted kidnapping of a 2 year old‼️*

- Bona Terra Cafe Hillcrest . This is someone I know personally. Plz share and be vigilant always.

Shocked at my heading? I was also, and still am in shock. It was Saturday afternoon, my family and I met at Bona Terra in Hillcrest after lunch for some refreshments. My 2 year old son was standing a couple metres away from our table with his cousin and looking in our direction. An unknown woman approached him from behind, put her hands over his eyes and picked him up. She did not make eye contact with him as she was behind him, and she then proceeded to walk away with him. Fortunately for my son, this was all happening right infront of us. I jumped up and grabbed him from her clutches. She resisted at first but then let go of him. I yelled at her and all she could say was sorry.

Not knowing what to do, I went looking for the manager to call the police, but on my way I noticed the woman sitting at a table with other patrons. I stopped and asked her what her motive was. Again, she just said sorry and started crying. One of the patrons at her table started screaming at me and called for the waiters to remove me from the cafe. He asked them what kind of human being makes another person cry. Well…I’m a human being who just experienced one of the worst fears that a mother can have…her child was being taken away by a stranger right infront of her eyes.

So this is where it got more interesting for me, or where it would for any parent for that matter…the manager and staff refused to call the police and were pretending as if the incident did not occur and said that I was confused. They were also very happy for me to leave. Later on, the manager even stood at their table, laughed and mocked me because I said I’m very unhappy with how this situation was handled, and that I was going to put this incident on social media to create awareness. This is a well known establishment that is frequently recommended on Mamahood groups on Facebook for their fantastic children’s play areas.

And yes, I definitely reported this to the police but I thought that I should contact the owner first. I messaged him after my failed attempts to call him. He later replied saying he will call me back the next morning….it’s been over 24 hours since I contacted him and I am still waiting for his call back…

So this could have happened anywhere, and this may just have been a case of mistaken identity or whatever reasons people use these days to pick up children that are not their own. However, the way in which it was handled by the management and the owner of an establishment that prides itself on having a safe, outdoor play area is appalling.

I have some lessons to share from my experience…make sure that there’s cameras wherever you choose to spend your time with your children. This won’t safeguard your children but it will provide proof if anything happens. If you can afford to, subscribe to an emergency helpline or service that can come to your aid wherever you are. When you are out and vulnerable with your children, you will need back-up. Don’t take it for granted that your concerns or experience will be adequately addressed by the establishment that you are visiting…they could make YOU out to be the perpetrator.


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