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Today i am calling on all the old and new friends.

I did research and found all this diplomatical issued statements about the old school defense force. That is not what I am looking for. I want to know how you feel? You that did your basic fought on the borders of your countries. Stood for something you believed in. Felt honor and respect. Was proud in serving your country.

How do you feel now??

Was and is your country and fellow human beings there for you??

How does it make you feel when you know you stood for something that todays youth and young adults look down uppon?? How do you feel to hear you fought a war for, (take the South

African borders as example), nothing everything you fought for is now wrong and a disgrace??

America the same??

Ever wonder like some of the men i spoke with WHY did you do that??

How do you cope with your demons of things seen and experienced??

How do you feel looking at the kids today that's your age when you joined the army moaning about their difficult life with their smurfie hairstyles and shitty attitudes??

Do you still get angry, do you sometimes wonder what could have been??

Do you think of those days when you flew down to the border in a Vlossie and see the empty caskets, wondering if one of them will be yours or your friend next to you??

Tell me your true feelings you can whatsup me or messenger me, it will be totally confidential and if you want your name mentioned i will. I just really want to know JUST HOW MUCH ARE YOU COPING WITH DAY TO DAY REMEMBERING THOSE DAYS.

My overseas friends please feel free to give your opinions on your wars fought your heartaches.

I am trying to get as wide as possible information from you that was the everyday troop how you see your life now and then..


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Help and support group

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