There is so many different perspectives of this War but one thing remains consistent WHY?

I wonder if ever we would find the answer to WHY?? Yet in search of the answer WHY one thing stood out up to now PROUDNESS!! a thing you rarely see anymore. The old soldiers and police men and woman are proud of their work they did and are doing now. Proud to be human beings. They don't know about giving up they keep on trying. Disciplined

Even after all these years you can still see their self discipline in their private life's social and work life's.

Meet Mike:

"I was also never actively involved in the border war. What I can say is that the hype of our country being at risk of getting taken over by communist insurgents from a fallen South West Africa was so well propagated that one and all of us were willing to go up there, to fight, and even to die, to prevent SWA from falling.

The reality as I see it is that the population of SWA never wanted our protection in the first place. But we were soldiers. We followed orders. After my National Service I joined the SAP. I was posted to (arguably) the bussiest police station in the country. The enemy was the same one we had been prepared to die fighting. Communism. Fast forward to the late 1990's and the enemy is absorded into the SANDF and SAPS. I adapted because I was young enough, and because I learnt from a young age to analyze and think things through. But I know a lot of older guys could not bear to sit in the same office as someone that might have killed a buddie, or a relative, in a bombing. Or landmine incident, or grenade attack. Even churches were legit targets for the liberators. So these guys quit. We all felt sold out and betrayed. If the enemy was as evil as we were almost brainwashed to believe, why were they now our colleagues. That was the one question that no one in a position of power could answer.

At the end of the day we all have challenges to face. The difference between a loser and a success story lies in working as long and as hard as is needed to reach your goals. There is no instant success. No short cut, and no fairy-tale or movie storyline where you rap or dance and then you are famous. Any person can reach any dream or achieve any sucess, but nobody is going to do the work for you. That is all up to you!"

Thank you Mike


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