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To my friend

My Friend Has Sympathetic Reflexion Disorder

Somedays she is strong other days the pain is unbearable. I could not understand her pain. So I set out doing research looking for answers. Asking questions do further research, I just had to understand her pain.

Talking to her she explained how even the wind hurts her, light means hurting, the gentlest touch felt like stabbing excruciating pain for her. Ripping through her body, yes something like having Fibromyalgia, Lupus, and RA. But just times 10. Her body goes into spasms and she can't move. She seizes into one bundle of pain.

She can't move, all she can do is lay there in silence feeling how the constant pain is eating at her bones her nerves, muscles and skin. The pain is often deep inside the limbs with a burning, stinging tearing sensation. The limbs weaken.

So how did it happen. She has cut her leg taking out rubbish as a twelve year old. And there it started. Unfortunately her mom believed the docters didn't know what they were talking about when she was diagnosed a couple of years later. So she didn't get early treatment, it just went from bad to worse.

I think till today she still tries to deny the illness, so never went for any treatments. She tries explaining why she can't do normal things as wife or mother, but mere words can't describe what you can't even acknowledge yourself. Reality is she is sick, and stress, anxiety, depression, anger, it gets activated in "fight or flight" mode. Inflammation-causing substances released by her own body. She has no control over it. She can't just walk it off, or is looking for attention.

My friend is hurting, and there's nothing I can do to relieve her pain even a little bit. But I am proud of her she's fighting an untreatable, Un-curable disease every day. Yet she doesn't give up, she keeps moving forward keep helping others trying to make others feel good yet no one knows, that most of the time she is exhausted from pain and no sleep.

I whish I could have given her relief for just awhile


The Shackz

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