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Tips on how to support others who have lost loved ones.

- Treat the person going through grief with kindness, patience and understanding.

- Don't try and push that person out of a stage or compare them with someone else who have completed their grieving process. Each person will experience the stages of grief differently.

- Don't feel guilty or make someone feel guilty if a person maybe stuck in a stage of grief or find themselves going back to a particular stage-healing is not a linear process.

- It is important to support children who have experienced loss and include them in the grieving process. If you as the parent or guardian are to talk to your child, find someone else like a family member or a support person that can provide comfort.

- Provide support virtually while grieving. Online communication can never replace human connection, but we need to keep safe while supporting our loved ones.

These includes:

- Using technology to stay in touch with phone calls, text messages or video calls to check on loved ones who are grieving

- Gathering virtually by hosting or joining an online memorial service before the funeral to honour a loved one’s memory

- Livestreaming a funeral service so that more relatives can join online, if possible, to prevent overcrowding

- Hosting a virtual funeral reception after the service to provide an opportunity for your loved ones to reflect. Give family members an opportunity to share any memories or pictures, have a moment of silence and consider virtual toast to honour your loved ones memory.

- Setting up an online memorial page or family group using social media, where you can share memories and support each other during the difficult time.

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