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Time to change

She woke up one morning and something just felt..different.

She couldn’t tell you what changed or how, only that as she began to take a long look at her life, her perspective began to change.

She realized that she couldn’t keep living her life the way she had been and ever be truly happy.

She needed more.

No, she deserved more.

So, as she exhaled deeply and glared into the mirror, she promised herself that her life was about to change.

She didn’t know how, only that she had put up with too much toxicity, negativity and discord.

That stopped now.

All the people that brought her down and caused her problems- especially the toxic ones- she was letting them go.

Just because she had history with them didn’t mean they deserved to stay in her life.

The ones that loved, supported and added to her life were the ones she was embracing from now on..

And walking away from the rest.

Closing the chapter on bad relationships, immature and selfish people..even the ones that never seemed to be there when she needed them to be.

It would be hard turning the page on so many that had been part of her life for so long,

but if she wanted to be happy- truly happy- this was the only way she’d be able to find her peace and grow into the person she wanted it be.

She was done living day to day and surviving one disaster only to find herself mired in another one.

She deserved better and she was determined to find that place where she could get ahead and be at peace.

It would take time, pain and challenge, but she knew that she could do it.

It wouldn’t be easy and she’d still have hard days, but was done with her old life.

She was ready to embrace the new.

The new passion that had been waiting for her.

The new love for herself and her life that had been dormant for so long.

She would take some chances, fall flat on her face and still get hurt-

But she’d learn, get stronger and evolve with each step of the way.

It was time.

Her time..and she was ready for the newest and best chapter of her story.

And this time, she wasn’t stopping until she found what she was looking for ..

It was finally her time to fly.


The Shackz

083 651 3729

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