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The two edged sword

The two edged sword called


Abuse know no Gender

"The world watched Will Smith listen to his wife tell him on live television that she had an affair. People laughed at Will. He became a meme.

When Tyrese Gibson had a mental breakdown about not seeing his daughter in 2 years. People laughed at him. He became a meme too.

When Kanye West had a mental breakdown live on TV, people called him 'crazy'. He too became a meme.

Yet people wonder why men don't open up about their mental health problems. 💔"

Herewith I would love to extend an invitation to all men. If you feel you can't anymore. Life is pressing to hard, your life feels meaningless, your tired is tired. GBV is a two edged sword, it cuts both ways. Not only woman gets abused we recognize both genders. Abuse is abuse be it verbal or physical man or woman it stays ABUSE.

Please reach out. We are here for you.


The Shackz



083 651 3729

065 741 3428

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