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The Story behind the scenes

The Chat Shack was started 17 August 2021

I had no one to talk to, no one to reach out to. Nobody that believed me, in me. I was just a wife just a mother nothing more. I ended up in a strangers car on my way to God knows where all i knew was i had to get away. I ended up in a shelter on the West rand and there my idea became a reality, because someone believed in my dream. I literally worked night and day scared i might miss a message from someone that's in the same position i was.

It's an initiative to reach people like you and me.

We all struggle we all falter...

This is an initiative where you do not get bombarded by psychology psychiatry or prayers. We talk mostly out of experience we talk real talk no suger coating. We go on what you tell us, we do not judge. No matter what you did, done or doing you are still a human being. It's okay to be not okay.

We reach out by texting for the simple reason when you write out your pain it brings relieve, it makes it easier to deal with.

Hannelie Taljaard Mike Botha and Louwrens Grobbelaar, uncle Frik has been with me for the last 7 months.

Our goal is to be there when you send that message not a answering machine but a human.

If needed we do have trained professionals on hand, so rest assured you will be helped.

Our main objective is to listen and be here whenever you need us. Not to let people who feels overwhelmed, under pressure and judged, but to let them feel safe secure and listened to.

To reach you when you are at your lowest and need that ear to listen.

To be there when you are beaten and can't face life anymore.

For those men who can't talk because they are men, here you are heard.

The wife hiding in fear walking on eggshells because he has a bruised ego. We will hear you.

The rape victims anger and guilt we are here for you as well every step of the way to your recovery.

For those who have PTSD we still care. We won't give up because we all know how it feels to be alone...

But most of all.


So give us a chance.

We will keep on trying until you feel again until you can breath again...

The things that we go through been through are not only for us...

But it's for people like us...

Founder & Creator


083 651 3729

NPO reg


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