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I posted a article regarding depression symptoms. And I must say I was flabbergasted.

Do people realize how deep depression can go.

I am most probably going to be ripped apart, but I need to say this. I need to try and get through the myths and stigma about depression.

Depression is not something you ask for it is not something you pop a pill for 4 weeks and poof it's gone. It's a illness that kills more people than any other illness. It's not something you can think away, read away, watch away.

There's growing evidence that several parts of the brain shrink in people with depression. Specifically, these areas lose gray matter volume. That's tissue with a lot of brain cells. Depression can also damage your brain permanently, so the person has difficulty in remembering and concentrating.

The following is causes of depression


Family History

Giving birth


Alcohol and drugs


The main subcortical limbic brain regions implicated in depression are the


Hippocampus and


Both structural and functional abnormalities have been found in depression.

So untreated depression is a SERIOUS PROBLEM.

I am not going to go on and on about everything that goes wrong in a depressed brain. You can look at the facts yourself.

What I want you to know. Is this.

A person with depression, has no will to go on anymore. For them to get out of bed everyday is a struggle a real struggle. You do not want to face yourself not to talk about people. Don't want to talk to anyone. You either sleep to much or to little. You hurt physically and mentally you have a unexplainable hurt.

You keep quiet you put your mask on. Why, because of the stigma persons who do not know better, suddenly knows everything about how dead you feel. Walk it off, you have to much time on your hands get something to do. Read your Bible pray more guess what you do not believe He sees you anymore. You do not count anymore, you are just a vessel. Full of dark emptiness. Do you know how dark that emptiness is I promise you not even an obyss is as dark as you feel that moment.

Then you get these awsome people who still tell you snap out of it, you are looking for attention.

That's the last thing you want is attention. You just don't care anymore.

So next time you break a limb or sprain a limb, or get a migraine tell yourself walk it off.


It starts with you. Learn about it, ask about it. And instead of whispering behind our backs. Ask us

Are you okay

Give us a smile crack a joke we are a person as well.

It's okay to be not okay.


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