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The Shackz Support Singlez

A group for both Afrikaans and English Singlez. Where you can make friends and know you can chat without judgements. You don't need to be looking but you may find friends hi online you never thought could be possible. People who understands the word lonely, and how much it means to get a how are you or Goodnight. Where No one is allowed to private you unless you say it's okay when an admin enquires for another participant. A online platform where you get to know one another, where there's no expectations. Just a place where you can hangout and tell us about your day, Responding to others posts and most of all enjoy yourself. Total strangers meeting for the first time becoming friends who really cares. Just ordinary people also alone to scared to reach out because of scams. On The Shackz platform if you are asked for money or phone cards, we ask you to report that person which will be removed immediately. Your safety is our priority but we can't do anything without a report.

Be yourself and who knows you might find meaningful friendship, or a happy ever after.





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