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The Shackz NPO partners

This is The Shackz NPO partners. We work closely together to get you the best help we can.

Hannelie Taljaardt - is busy fighting her third round of breast cancer, but believe me just as she can keep a white shelter with drug addicts who is on street, families who finds themselves without a haven, with a strict hand. And everyone respects "Ouma" at the shelter. We respect "Ouma" as our confidant, always have a ear, and know just what to say to enlighten a Depressed heart.

Uncle Frik - Has prostate cancer. Lives in the middle of knowhere and erens. He knows about pain, but have a big heart. Not stopping, the production of his KB products, to help others like me who is in constant pain.

His our "roofkyker" on the groups, he might not say a word, but you know his there. His listening. He is a inspiration for alot of us.

Toinette (Toni) - i am 52 and very happily married. I started studying Psychology and Psychiatry at the young age of 48. I was told it's *change of life* I was ripped apart by people I wanted support from. So I worked harder because my change of life gave me my voice. Gave me a will to live. And freedom to be myself.

I was diagnosed with ELS, FMS, COMPLEX BIPOLAR DEPRESSION, and AR. So yes I know your pain, I know the black hole, and I know the long road to get the right meds for Bipolar.

In short we all have been where you are now. So reach out let's talk, none of us is qualified on paper, but we do have life experience together, to fill a book.


The Shackz

Emotional Support Line

Founder and Creator

WhatsApp lines

083 651 3729

065 741 3248


079 847 4709

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