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1. THE SHACKZ HELP AND SUPPORT This group is for those days you can't find answers, the days you remember what you don't want to be reminded of. The days that your PD just won't settle down. The depression and anxiety gets to much, and you need to think, you need to hear "everything is going to be okay, i've got you" 2. THE SHACKZ SURVIVORS For those once who got away or is struggling to get away out of a potential deadly relationship. The narcissistic relationship where you lost your own being. The sexually, verbally and emotionally abused. We don't care what you did where you've been we ask "Are you okay" "Are you safe now" then we are here for you. Raped? We are here... 3. THE SHACKZ CANCER AND OTHER DISEASES It is a group for patients fighting diseases every day of their lifes. We get together share our stories, what helps us get through the day. We support each other, pick each other up when the disease gets to much. When being brave gets to difficult. We are here... 4. THE SHACKZ FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF FIGHTERS When those days come and you feel powerless to help your loved one to fight another day. When your anger boils over because you are powerless to stop their disease to take their pain away. We are here... 5. THE SHACKZ BROTHERS This is a group created for men across the board. Where men can be themselves. Talk to men who has been through divorce knows how it feels to miss your child. Ex service men, who can relate to PTSD. A place where a man can be a man and still show have emotion. 6. THE SHACKZ YOUTH For the young people being lost, and can't find their way. Already has a tag of juvenile we are here for you. Being abused being bullied, we will listen to you. On this group you do count you do have a voice, so just reach out it's all we ask. We will be on the other side. 1. THE SHACKZ SINGLES AFR A group for Single Afrikaans speaking men and women, where you can hangout and have conversations with total strangers getting to know each other. Where you can be yourself no pretend. 2. THE SHACKZ SINGLES ENGLISH For English speaking South Africans. Just to get together and let your hair down. There's no need to dress up just be yourself. Founder & Creator Toni 083 651 3729 NPO reg 2022/632865/08

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