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The Shackz Brothers

It's a group for men by men. For the father whose going through a divorce not allowed to see his kids there's always a problem when it's his weekend. Where men can be themselves.

Where you can show your emotions and not be judged. Because the other men on the group is going through the same. Service men, who can relate to PTSD. Who feels the night sweats the heart racing trying to get a hold of yourself, the shakes barely bringing a glass to your lips.

For the men whose being abused and live with it day in day out because men don't get abused, men don't get raped, men don't cry in silence as there abuser shouts and carry on.

A place where a man can be a man and still show emotion. We will support you we do understand so we do not judge we have seen it all heard and read it all. The ball is in your court, just reach out, we have you.





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