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The Role of Forgiveness in Recovery

Cancer is commonly rooted in anger.

A lesson I learned the hard way.

Do you see pattern of anger woven into the fabric of your life?

Ponder it for a minute as you read.

At the time that I received my cancer diagnosis, I had escaped a traumatic childhood and was focused on building the future of my dreams. And I was succeeding.

However, I was riddled with repressed anger, resentment, bitterness and even rage.

It was lurking right under the surface, out of sight and, somewhat, out of mind.

But its devastating impacts were real. And it was to be revealed as a major causation of my cancer.

But as I recognized this, became mindful and aware, and stepped into forgiveness, my healing began to take shape.

I had to learn...

* To forgive myself.

I had to release myself from the guilt, shame, and self-blame of cancer... Of what I had, or felt I had done wrong to create and deserve the nightmare. But more so, for all the mistakes, judgements and attachments I held to past childhood traumas.

* To forgive the offenders of my youth.

At that time, I couldn't even stand to look at my mother. I was enraged towards her. I had banned her from my wedding the year before and had completely banned her from my new life.

I had to accept what she had done. I certainly wasn't going to change it. And I most definitely was not going to get any reconciliation from her.

So I had to let it go!

* To forgive cancer. Yes, you read that right!

I needed to forgive cancer. I was as angry towards it as I was my mother. How dare it steal my life just as I had gained my life.

A rage had risen up within me towards the diagnosis, the Drs and the disease.

I had to release it.

As long as unforgiveness remained in any of those three areas, I was stuck and directly hindering my recovery.

Here's the thing about forgiveness. It is rarely for the benefit of the other person. Most times, they don’t care. So, forgiveness really is for you.

As long as forgiveness remains unattended... As long as those wounds, offenses, experiences and choices remain unresolved, your recovery is negatively impacted.

The moment you step into forgiveness and release yourself from those chains of bondage, whether self or others, you release a power within you for healing because external (physical) healing is always intertwined with emotional healing.

You can't separate mind and body and you shouldn’t detach one from the other if you are expecting to recover.

One of the best doses of medicine you can take is forgiveness!

It sure was great medicine for me and opened a door that allowed me to step into my authentic and complete recovery.

Can you see this In your journey? Is unforgiveness in the way? Are you ready to forgive yourself and others? Are you even ready to forgive cancer?

Doc Frank


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