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The Ripple Effect of Injustice

This is not a thriller this is the life of Jenni, and her children. Life's being ripped apart and nowhere to turn to.

Jenni's story

Hi Toni,

Here is the short version of my story.

The abuser enjoyed isolated places, no one hears you screaming for help as he beats you black and blue. He enjoyed drowning me in the bath. Finally I found employment and I was working on a plan to leave him. He would use the bible to manipulate me, making me feel worthless. He kept on assaulting me infront of my children. The one day he tied me up to a chair and dosed me with petrol, he stood with the match threatening to burn me alive. My daughter untied me when he wasn't looking. I went to lay a charge against him for assault. He got a suspended sentence for 3 years. This did not stop him.

I was on my way to work when my eldest told me she was worried about her brother and sister. She then opened up and told me what he would do to her and her sister while I was at work. We immediately went to the police station to report him for molestation. The police could not arrest him until the case was investigated. He was arrested for assaulting me again the night previously. Afterwards an investigator got involved and he was then sentenced in 2012 for assault and molestation. He was sentenced to 10 years in Bethal prison. Of course he only served 5 yrs and released on parole for good behaviour. I do not want maintenance from Him and I have no contact with him.

2013 divorsed and looking for work, I was offered employment in PMB.

March 2013 we were in PMB.

We lived on the premises and we were finally happy.

I was looking for a father to my children. My employer was divorsed and 20 years my senior and I really believed he would be a good role model to my children.

Robert and I become involved in a relationship. I could not go public with our relationship until I lost all my weight. I was desperate and I started to become bulimic.

It was Easter weekend and Robert was going away to spend time with his children, so I was told.

I thought I would surprise him and fetch the sleeper wood he wanted at a friend of his. We went on an adventure my children and I.

While we were collecting the wood, my eldest got bitten by pit bulls. I rushed her back to PMB hospital but I was new to the area and didn't know which hospital to go to. I called Robert in a frantic state only to discover that he was having an affair.

Long story short, my daughter was treated for minor bites. Robert came up with another lie stating that this woman would not accept that their relationship was over. I then accepted Robert back. I worked hard and overtime trying to impress him. Things just esculated from there. I know mentally I was exhausted. Physically weak as bulimia turned into anorexia. I dropped all my weight from 69kgs to 36kgs

Robert ex wife kept visiting but Robert assured me it's because of their children they had together and she was remarried. He looked like a decent father that wouldn't harm my children, well so I thought.

When my monthly cycle vanished I believed I was pregnant but how because I was sterilized.

Many weekends I would go spend the weekend with Robert on his farm.

It was a weekend in November 2014 on his farm when he showed me a blister on his genital area. He told me that he was aged 24 and another woman gave him the disease Hsv2. Robert is 66yrs old today. I am turning 46yrs old.

I was enraged because again he lied to me. Before we got involved he assured me that he was clean and that I could trust him.

The nauseous feeling wouldn't go away.

I went to the Doctor which Robert paid for. I was diagnosed positive.

I didn't want to be in this relationship anymore because of all his lies.

He promised numerous times that he will compensate for damages. That it wasn't that bad and many women have not complained. He was on various dating sites.

I was shocked, scared for my children. I had no idea what this virus was about.

He also promised me that he wouldn't take my employment away from me. He promised to give me my vehicle which I purchased through the company and paid for every month. He made so many promises.

By the end of Nov 2014 he suspended my employment and brought his sister in. In January 2015 I was held under duress without legal representation. He knew the mediator Peter Kepler. Peter Kepler wife was good friends with Roberts ex wife. My job was taken from me and you can hear that I was under duress as He took my vechile away and he locked up the flat that I could not come into the premises where we resided. The disciplinary hearing was unfair and I was cornered forced to sign to get my vehicle back and to stay in our flat. Robert and I were involved for 18 months. The disciplinary hearing was recorded.

Roberts attorneys denied the recordings.

I seeked legal assistance but no one wanted to take my case. I then went to the civil claim court and requested assistance. The court's directed me to Jleslie Smith attorneys.

Naheem Essop became my pro bono attorney.

Avril E Potgieter was our advocate. He told me that this case would become a precedented case for future cases.

They got a protection order against Mr Pottow. Then they started the proceedings against an eviction matter.

Shameela Jasat advised me to change my locks because while I took my children to school he would come into our flat. When I would return from school then Robert would come out of my flat.

As advised I changed the locks on the door.

This didn't stop him because he got his workers to blow up my door. Bomb squad came out and how many times I called the police and got case numbers.

Naheem Essop got a transfer and Anusha Ganas stepped in. Vaugn Daly was the director of Jleslie Smith and he assured us that it was a two thumbs up on winning case. She assured me that all this would be added to the civil claim.

We won an eviction matter but Robert put off our electricity and water supply which was illegal BUT Robert gets away with anything. He has status and he is wealthy. In November 2015 Robert was summoned.

In December 2015 the courts

were closed. He paid 2 men and 1 of his workers to assault me and my children. We have the video. Robert was never arrested.

Anusha assured me that he will pay with the civil claim.

In 2016 my children and I left PMB for saftey reasons.

That is where Fred came in. Fred and his wife has guest houses and was prepared to allow us to live there and once I receive my pay out from my civil claim I would pay him back.

Anusha met with Fred and myself on numerous occasions sometimes at Fred's house and sometimes in Pennington.

Anusha kept assuring me that we had a good case.

Every year a settlement was offered but never happened.

Finally in 2019 Feb, we got judgement in our favor as per recordings.

The money never came. There were always plenty of excuses but no pay out.

Anusha then said I need a new medical report. I didn't have a issue with this.

Little did I know that the virus goes into a dormant stage, depends on a person's immunity.

Robert knew exactly how this virus worked. He was 20yrs my senior and his ex wife had it to. He knew after a few years it would be difficult to diagnose. That is why they bought time. How many blood reports proves positive but it was not good enough. The doctor that diagnosed me in 2014 could not be found although he was a registered Med24 Doctor.

How many Doctors would look at my blood reports and confirm that I was positive but this was never good enough!

None of the Doctors I saw wanted to get involved and write a medical report.

Nov 2019 Fred could no longer help us with accommodation as financially he was restrained and he had to renovate his house for his sister. Fred was good to my family and I didn't want to inconvenience him.

My children and I packed up our vehicle and left.

We travelled the whole of South coast looking for Doctor's and sleeping outside hospitals.

No Doctor wanted to write a medical report.

No Doctor wanted to get involved in a civil claim. They all stipulate that I'm positive and give me prescriptions for the virus but no report.

I thought they were all under the influence of Robert as He seems to be untouchable.

We drove up and down from one province to the next. I had no idea what I was doing or where we were going. During Covid my children and I were in the car seeking medical assistance and I had a few medical reports but none of them satisfied Anusha Ganas

To this day no Doctor wants to get involved. I do not take medication and apparently because I am celebate and refuse to spread the virus, it's dormant.

I have all my documents and medical record's if you require it.

I am told its not a big deal.

I do think it's a big deal.

I have to try sort accomodation as I have been offered another position for employment.

I approached the welfare for assistance. They removed my children from my care.

2022 my daughter and I spent living in our car.

whatever temping jobs I could get I would go and do. It was heart breaking and how we cried. My children cried and I couldn't find permanent employment and without a permanent employment it's difficult to have stability such as a flat or accomodation.

In Nov 2022 I was offered an employment for a company I previously worked for on a temporary position.

2023 Feb everyone was retrenched.

Our family has been ripped apart and damaged even further.

This welfare organisation lied to us and has tried everything in their power to cut off all communications.

How must I go work and leave my eldest in the car with 2 cat's.

Rentals are so high it's ridiculous plus they want a deposit and first months rent.

I really am so exhausted.

Please let me know what else you need.

Thank you and have a good day.

Jenni's Story

Ripple Effect of Injustice


Jenni has found permanent employment and a two bedroom house that she needs to put a deposit down. If she can do this she can get her children back. Her 22 year old daughter would not have to stay in the car with their two lifelines, two cats this broken woman is holding on to for dear life. Jenni's story has been send to numerous institutions that oversees lawyers I even send an email to lawyers and Good Morning Angels.

This family deserves a break...

Please share her story, maybe somewhere somehow can help.


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The Shackz

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