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The Pit of Despair

Sometimes you wonder


Why you even try

When all you want is to

Just break down and cry

You sit there

And ideally stare

Mind racing

Unable to focus

All the hurts you hold


Inner demons attack

Is it karma

Or just bad luck

The dam breaks

Tears flow freely down your cheeks

Your chest aches

It hurts to even breathe

No consolation will help

The pit of despair

You have dropped down into

So tired of trying

And fighting to figure

Everything out

Taking on the world

Just to fail once more

Nothing is easy

Nothing seems to work

No silver lining

Anywhere to be found

Just mistake after mistake

Lined up

Glaring at you

Taunting you

Everyone around you

Needing and wanting

More from you

Pulling you here

Pulling you there

Expecting things of you

When you have nothing more to give

The tears slowly dry

The ache just dull

Demons repressed

Temporary stitches bind the wounds

Just too tired to even care

You made it through again

Fought the fight

Stood up from the pit

Dried your eyes

Now you wonder

As you sit and stare

Regaining your focus

This is not the end

It is the beginning

Of healing


The Shackz

Emotional Support Line

WhatsApp Groups


083 651 3729


079 847 4709

Growing Wings

Page for woman


071 060 4339

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