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The most dangerous cluster B personality disorder

What is the most dangerous cluster B personality disorder?

The covert/vulnerable/fragile Narcissist, hands down.

It’s the “elation” and “deflation” stages of these individuals that make them most dangerous.

When they are in the deflation stage they will appear like a vulnerable, hurt, abused puppy. You will want to pick them up, take their pain away, hold them, nurture them and love them.

When they are in the elation stage, they act that of their counterpart the Overt Narcissist. But unlike the Overt they don’t have the power and “confidence” they possess.

The covert is in a constant cycle of elation and deflation. It’s quit the roller coaster. They are in constant search of supply as it comes and goes.

The emotional torture it takes on a partner can’t be explained. Every action they take is to elicit a response from those close to them. And the action is usually based around some selfish need, or desire.

Just as quickly as they are saying they are the worst person and apologizing for mind fucking you, they flip right back to mind fucking you.

Their “fake” empathy is what makes them most dangerous. You will believe them and as soon as you do they throw another dagger and with each dagger the one proceeding hits a little deeper.

They do the most damage because it keeps you in the never ending guessing game of “what are they?” Your level of self-doubt and possible self blame will be off the charts as you try and help the person as you take their pain on as you own.

By the end you will be a babbling mess most likely thinking you are the abuser as they just discarded you and are in another relationship before you can pick your shattered soul up off the ground.

Who they are when they are mean is exactly who they are. The only problem is, they are so believable in the vulnerable state.

The only way out is to finally believe your reality and truth and not theirs. No looking back, no questioning and no closure. At least from them.

It has to come from you from doing months or even years of self work.

The day you accept what you thought “was” but “wasn’t” is the day you set yourself free.


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