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Today i would like to thank Chief Reneé for responding to our plea for help.

Chief Reneé is the founder of Raork House Kempton Park Random Act of Kindness. He donated enough food for 38 people who was going hungry in Vereeniging.

We are registering this haven for homeless, drug addicts as Chat Shack Willie's Haven. This Haven is run by Hannelie Taljaard currently busy fighting her 3rd round of breast cancer. She has no community help, no government help been running it on her meager pension every month..

So we got the donation then yet again i had to ask for help getting it from Raork House Kemptonpark to Willie's Haven Vereeniging. We couldn't find anyone. Until a awsome lady from the shelter, looking after Hannelie by the name of Chantellee decided she's going to walk the streets of Vereeniging till she find transport. She did.

George Evanza offered his help by means of his taxi. One of our admins offered to pay the petrol and Saturday afternoon 1 o'clock George and Chantellee set out to fetch the donation.

By Saturday night every one on the premises had something to eat. And they could even give food to two families with 8 kids whose house burned down.

Special Thanks To

Raork House Kemptonpark

George Avante

Chat Shack Admin


But most of all to God who Saw and Heard our Plea for Help. And has send our paths to cross with people in need who still reach out to others in need.

Founder & Creator

Chat Shack


083 651 3729

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