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Where woman can get together and know they aren't alone.

For those once who got away but still struggling with the memories Still cringing away when someone talks with their hands and have no filter. For those in potential deadly relationships and has no way of getting out, nowhere to hide feels alone with no hope in sight. The narcissistic relationship where you lost your own self, where you became a shell of what once were you.

The sexually, verbally and emotionally abused. We don't care what you did where you've been how you got there we do not judge. All we ask "Are you okay" "Are you safe now" "We are here for you." That night you trusted to much and was Raped? Or a far of memory becomes a reality and you remember clearly just what happened when you were 5...

We are here just reach out...

The Shackz

Emotional Support Line


083 651 3729



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