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Suicide Survivor

My mom took this photo..

On the left I had attempted suicide & overdosed.. I took 80 sleeping pills with a bottle of NyQuil.. with tons of liquor and an 8 ball of cocaine and a little bit of meth..

After 11 years addicted to drugs and alcohol.

On the right I’m almost 8 months sober.

If you would’ve told me back then that life will be better and that I’ll find happiness I would’ve said you were lying. I’m clean and serene these days and life is so beautiful.. my daughter and I are rekindling our relationship.. I’m rebuilding relationships that I’ve torn apart due to my addiction..

I have friends in recovery who I can call and they will be anywhere I need them to be in a heartbeat. Toni is always there when I am ready to give up, she very quickly puts me back on the straight and narrow...

Life is so great and I choose recovery these days.



The Shackz

Emotional Support Line

WhatsApp Groups

083 651 3729


079 847 4709

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