Grief is a normal response to loss during or after a traumatic event. Grief can happen in response to loss of life, as well as to drastic changes to our daily routines and the ways of life that usually bring us comfort and a feeling of stability. Common grief reactions includes shock, disbelief or denial, anxiety, distress, anger, prolonged periods of sadness as well as loss of sleep and loss of appetite.

If you or someone you love are going through a loss, the new emotions may feel overwhelming and confusing. Dealing with loss is an intimate and unique experience for each of us. There's no right or wrong way to go through the stages of grief that might come from it. Feeling this way is natural and even necessary. These emotions are forward steps in the healing journey, even when it doesn't feel like it at the moment.

Healing from a loss is possible, but it does take time and patience. If you're having a particularly hard time with it, resources like counseling and support groups can help you cope.


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