Denial is a common defense mechanism and a temporary response that carries you through the first wave of pain.


When realizing that the change is really happening. It is not uncommon to want to blame something or someone else for what has happened. Try reminding yourself that underneath your anger is pain. And even if it might not feel like it, this anger is necessary for healing.


In an attempt to postpone the inevitable. We start bargaining with life, others, or a greater power. Bargaining is a way to hold on to hope in a situation of intense pain.


When you realize that bargaining is not going to work and the reality of the change sets in. At this point you become aware of the loss associated with the change, and what it is that you must let go of. This can cause intense sadness or depression. In this instance, depression isn't a sign of a mental health condition. Instead, it's a natural and appropriate response to grief.


Reaching acceptance isn't necessary about being OK with what happened. Depending on your experience, it might be understandable if you don't ever feel this way. Acceptance is more about how you acknowledge the losses you've experienced, how you learn to live with them, and how you readjust your life accordingly

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