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1. Don’t call someone continuously more than once unless it’s a really urgent matter and if they don't pick up, wait until they return the call. They might be sleeping, sick, busy, or have something important going on.

2. When someone treats you to lunch or dinner, don’t buy the most expensive dish on the menu. Also, treat them the next time.

3. Only suggest splitting the cheque evenly if your dish is the least expensive among the rest.

4. Don’t lend out what you borrowed. If it is not yours, don’t act as if it is.

5. If you borrow money from someone, return it, even before they ask for it.

If you borrow someone’s car, fill up the tank before you return it.

7. Say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you'

8. Be nice and kind to waiters, cleaners, helpers, drivers, or anyone offering you a service and treat them with the same respect you’d give a manager or a CEO.

9. Don’t interrupt the person speaking. Wait until they finish then say what you want.

10. When someone is speaking directly to you, give them your attention.

11. Two things you shouldn’t offer unless you are asked, an opinion and advice.

12. Respect others’ personal space and privacy.

13. If someone shows you a photo on their phone, don’t swipe left or right. If they want to show you what’s next they’ll do it.

14. When you wrong someone, say ‘Sorry’ and don’t ruin your apology with unnecessary excuses just to justify what you’ve done.

15. Don’t break your promise, or don’t make one if you are not sure you can keep it.

16. When someone tells you a secret, take it with you to your grave, even if you wake up as enemies the next morning.

17. Don’t make plans in front of those you are not willing to invite, especially if it is at your place, your birthday, or a special occasion.

18. Don’t whisper something to someone when it is only one more person sitting with you two.

19. Never go to someone’s place uninvited or without letting them know you are passing by in advance.

20. Smile.

21. Mind your business unless anything involves you directly - just stay out of it;

21. Remove your sunglasses if you are talking to anyone in the street. It is a sign of respect. Moreso, eye contact is as important as your speech; and

22. Never talk about your riches in the midst of the poor. Similarly, don't talk about your children in the midst of the barren.

23.After reading a good message try to say "Thanks for the message".

APPRECIATION remains the easiest way of getting what you don't have....


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