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Signs Someone is Struggling

What are some signs that someone may be struggling with depression or anxiety?

How can you help them before they get worse (if they don't want help)?

Some signs that someone may be struggling with depression are if they are isolating themselves from others, they’ve lost interest in their hobbies and activities, they are losing weight, avoiding eye contact, they sleep more often and complain about being tired a lot and/or they speak negatively on a frequent basis. If you would like to help them with depression, ask them if there is anything you can do to help them feel better. Reach out to them often and check up on them. Try to do fun activities with them.

Some signs that someone may be struggling with anxiety are if they seem nervous, fidgety and/or they avoid certain places or crowds. Someone with anxiety may isolate themselves from others, just like a depressed person would. I think that anxiety and depression often go hand-in-hand. If a person complains of a racing heart, sweaty palms and seems to be frequently worried and over thinks things, then they may have anxiety. They may have specific fears and phobias that affect their daily life. Ask them what you can to do help them feel better.

Just be a good, supportive person in their life.

Listen to them attentively, without judgment.

Most of all just be there for them.


The Shackz Emotional Support Helpline

083 651 3729


079 847 4709

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