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Signs of Obsessive Love Disorder

Although it isn’t classified as a mental health condition, obsessive love disorder has specific defining characteristics that can help you identify the disorder.

The signs of obsessive love disorder vary from person to person, and the condition can look very different in two people who are living with it:

- A constant need for validation from the person you are in love with

- Obsessively keeping in contact with the subject of your affection

- Ignoring the personal boundaries of the subject of your affection

- Behaving in a controlling manner with the person you love

- Feeling extreme jealousy of other relationships the person you love might have with other people

- Feeling overly protective of the person you love

- Becoming so overwhelmed with emotions about a person that it disrupts your daily functioning

- Feelings of low self-esteem, especially when it seems like your love isn’t being reciprocated

- Refusal to engage in social activities that don’t involve the subject of your affection

- Feeling extremely possessive of the other person’s time, space, and attention

- Feeling a need to control the actions and behaviors of the person you supposedly love

- Experiencing anxiety over your relationship with this person

- Experiencing anxiety over your relationship with this person

- Feeling neglected when they don't watch you all the time

- Getting upset when they do not go to bed every night or stay in bed with you.

- Upset when they bring work home, because that means you aren't getting all of the attention.

- They have to take your calls even though they are busy at work

- Their whole world must revolve around you, and you will do anything to get their attention

- You do not allow them to go anywhere without you, and if they do you will phone out of control until you get answered

Yes you do want to spend time with the one you love. But it can get to much. Every person has the right to live their own life within a relationship.

Everyone needs their space, to do their own thing, be their own person. Don't drown them with your affection. Your desires your need to be with them 24/7.

Most people has never been on their own, they do not know how it feels. And it can be overwhelming for them to get sudden "freedom". So they get anxiety attacks when doing something as simple as going to the shop. They do not know what to do because you were always with them, you made the decisions. They actually just moved from their parents house into a married life without ever finding their own personality.

This is why divorce and cheating mostly happen in their later years. They suddenly realize they never actually lived their life, they always lived their parents life, their partners life their children's life. They were never alone really alone...

Now there's many who is quiet alright living this way. But please remember we all have our own personalities, our own dreams. And that includes doing their own thing without you checking up on them continuously.

So yes love us but give us our freedom to be us.


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