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She got flowers

She got flowers today! It wasn't her birthday or any other special day. It was their first big disagreement, he was furious. She knew he was truly sorry and he wouldn't do it again, because he had sent flowers.

She got flowers again! It was not for their wedding anniversary or any other special day. Last night he pushed her against the wall and started strangling her. It felt like a nightmare, she couldn't believe it was happening. The next morning her body was fragile and full of bruises, but she had to go to work. She believed he must be sorry, because he then sent her the most beautiful flowers so that she could forgive him.

She got flowers again! And today was not mother's day or any other special day. And again he beat her, but this time worse than ever. She is afraid of him, but even more afraid of leaving him. What will become of the children... Where will she get money? She knows he is actually a good person, because he then sends her flowers..

Today is a very very special day. She received piles of flowers and piles of bouquets from everyone who knew and loved her. Because today is her funeral. Three days ago he finally beat her to death.

If only she had the courage to leave him and go away, she wouldn't have received so many flowers today... 😢😢😢

I stand up against #ABUSE!!

It doesn't matter if it's a woman or a man being abused, make sure you address it and that it's not just ignored to keep the peace. Moms 24/7


The Shackz

Emotional Support Line





Growing Wings



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