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Self awareness

by# Khushboo Chaudhary

The very first step to stop any unwanted behaviour is to become self-aware about that. Read the 6 easy ways to discover your inner self. The greatest changes begin when you look at yourself with interest and respect, instead of judgement and denial. When you invite your thoughts and feelings into awareness, you have the opportunity to learn from them, instead of unconsciously reacting to them, and you increase your awareness of reality by being willing to encounter your personal truths. When you do this, it will give you a better handle on your impulse to please and will allow you to notice when you will not be helpful. It will give you the chance to make different moves.

Set Your Boundaries

Once you know what you’re willing to do, establish clear boundaries, and then communicate those needs with loving-kindness. Be clear and specific about what you’re willing to take on. It may be helpful to think of boundaries as the outward expression of self-love. If it seems like someone is asking for too much, let them know that it’s over the bounds of what you are willing to do and that you won’t be able to help.

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