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Rise up again

You may be down.

You gather all your strength to face another day, but all the doubt all the negative things said to you, keeps gushing over yoh like a never ending tide.

Memories of past mistakes, just flow over you. And the chains of depression pulls you down again. The wrecking balls just keep on bashing all the positive thoughts.

You get a message "Are you OK" and the darkness in you tell you they do not care...

But the negative messages becomes a refrain in your souls darkness. You aren't good enough...

You are looking for pity..

You are exaggerating...

You are nothing...

You amount to nothing...

You are just the cleaning lady...

And the darkness becomes tangible. You get lost in yourself. Don't know who you are because a good mother you aren't, a good sister you aren't, a good daughter you never were. Your husband should have married another...

That darkness breaks through every part of your soul. And you end up in broken pieces no idea who you wants were.

This time around do that leap of faith, reach out to that person who asked "Are you okay" we are here. The pieces left behind you don't need anymore, you are going to replace them with new once, stronger once. You're going to stand infront of that mirror and find life in the eyes that looks back at you.

Then you're going to get rid of the toxic people in your life. As you block them one by one, you feel how the new you rise out of the ashes.

And you are reborn, you find yourself your inner strength you didn't know exist. You tell your story, and by doing this you heal, and reach someone else who is lost in their darkness.

So RISE UP and start fighting for who you once were. And for some of us we find a person we didn't realize we ever were, why, because we were told from childhood we were nothing.

Rise up again


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