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Reflections A Breast Cancer Survivor part 3

Cancer 3rd Round

Hannelie's life story cont.

"How I felt this time when I heard I had cancer again. I was devastated shocked angry just lost my husband a couple of months before, and still trying to run this place we started for destitute people. For the past 12 years using our own money with no funds available. We couldnt get a npo as all 5 of us lived at the same adress, being family. Only the cancer medication I'm on, Tamoplex 20mg is making me miserable, one day I'll be fine, the next day the terrible nausea and vomiting the cramps in my legs and hands are so painful sometimes I can hardly pick up anything or even hold the phone properly.

In the meantime I have to deal with the shelter, the people looking to me for food, for whatever it is they need. The drug addicts... people that are on crystal meth and other drugs is so very difficult. Because they sell anything and everything they can lay their hands on. The family members whom we started this place with turned out to be caring only about themselves and not the people we are suppose to help. Funds we used to get were abused and instead were used for their personal gain, and not for the people in the shelter. Those people like the drug addicts, those who need food i help out of my own pension at this stage.

At the moment I just want to give up on everything i cannot cope with feeling so sick worrying about the weather I will make it again this time around. Wondering if its worth going through this all or should I just leave it all and just let God take me home now. With my previous breast cancer I had 17 breast opps. What I went through the last couple of days has been my worst. To be nauseous and vomiting has been terrible, the cramping the swelling the weakness and tiredness actually had me pass out the other day.

The hairloss is the scariest, Ive just started growing my hair a couple of months ago. So I guess I can enjoy it while I still have it."

Hannelie had some awesome news which she didn't mention. Her tumor has shrunk from 7 by 5 to 6.2 by 5. So we are all rejoicing. The side effects be that as they may the tumor is shrinking. So if you have any home remedies or advise for Hannelie to curb the side-effects please feel free to use the what's up option or leave a message. We all thank you for keeping Hannelie in your prayers.

Thank you

Toni 🕯️

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