Hannelie's 3rd round

(Hannelie is fighting much more than cancer. She is fighting to keep The Shackz Willie's Haven open in Vereeniging. She just needs a break so when you bow your head tonight say a prayer for those who is fighting for everything they have)


" Hi.

Toni asked me for an update. But Im really not in a good space at the moment.

Im feeling so tired. My soul feels tired. My body I think is also just tired, judging by how everything is just hurting. The headaches, my muscles are all in spasm.

It feels as though my whole world as I know it is falling apart and there is nothing I can do about it.

An 18yr old feebleminded girl left a candle burning in her room and it fell over and burned half the stuff in her room, including her bed. Fortunately the others were very quick in putting the fire out, so it didnt spread to the other rooms. Thank God for that.

Im just really not in a very good space. Sorry I cant tell you more, but my mind just won't focus. I am thinking of just stopping all treatment and just let things happen as it will.

But I also know I can't do that. My son isn't well and needs me so does others.

So Im hoping that very soon I will feel like facing the world and all its drama again. For now I just don't even want to think about anything or do anything. All I need to do is just breath and get my act together again. Hopefully sooner than later."

Written by



The Shackz

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