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Hannelie's Story

This past week has been a bit chaotic. Despite the fact that I was overwhelmed with a feeling of weariness, and depression, I had so many other things to deal with.

At times my whole body was aching, and I continually felt so tired.

On the plus side at least I had no more vomiting. I absolutely hate feeling nauseous.

Another plus point is at last, thanx to Toni, I managed to get an NPO for the shelter, which will really be a great help here.

We found a lady and her 12yr old so living under very bad and dangerous conditions in a shack in field. Managed to arrange transport to get them to me, by the shelter.

I am pleased to say they are settled in and very grateful to be out of the cold. Praise God for that!

I trust and believe that this coming week will be better. Abd I can only thank God for giving me the strength to do everyday what I need to do



The Shackz


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