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Hannelie's Diary


Today has been a good day mostly. Been kept busy with Chat Shack clients. What a blessing, as it takes the mind off oneself. Especially knowing you could help someone feel better. A great privellage.


Today has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Knowing you are sick and not certain of what the future holds one tend to want to fix what has been wrong. However it doesn't always work out that way. And it can be disappointing. But then God is so good and lets you know in no uncertain terms "You have done what is right, so now leave it behind you" That is such a relief.

Chantellee managed to organize transport to and from Kempton Park to collect food and clothing parcels for the shelter. That is such a Blessing. All thanx to Toni from Chat Shack. Everybody was so greatful for it. Thank you Toni


We were busy all day. Sorting and giving out clothing to everyone in the shelter. Everybody was very greatful.

My emotions still seem to be all over the place. Moodswings that are a bit confusing to me. But Im sure it will soon settle.


I kept on thinking something is wrong with my glasses today. Couldnt focus properly on anything as though everything is blurry. Rubbing my eyes, cleaning the glasses over and over nothing helped. Found that very frustrating. Overall a good day. Everyone in the shelter seem happy and at peace with one another. Thats such a blessing.


Today has just been an awesome day. Ive felt more positive than I have in a while. I felt great, no cramps no nausea no hotflushes. Just great! Its easy to feel positive when you're not feeling miserable.


This day just started of on the wrong foot. Men fighting in the shelter with men from outside the shelter stirring things up. What a chaotic start. That sorted out, it was just a miserable day there after. Tensions were running high all over.

As for myself. The cramps, spasms and shortness off breath really got to me today. But being busy with the whatsapp button help take the attention of that. The cramps seem worse today compared to other days.

At least everybody else seem to have settled peacefully. That is always a plus.


Had an awesome day. Felt nice and positive. I find the chats on the cancer groups very inspiring, especially when I'm not feeling so great.

My cramps and vomiting started again at about 15h00.

At the moment Im not feeling so positive. My chest feels tight and my breathing is not good.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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