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Hannelie's Diary


Today has been great. I was able to help some people on the Chat Shack button. And it felt great, I didnt feel so worthless. Even some of the older clients who experienced emotional distress. Helping them makes me forget about my own issues, which is a blessing.

Wonder upon wonder the shelter has also been peaceful and quiet. Its truely amazing the crap these people can argue about. The one man Martin is such a star always keeping the garden tidy and mowing the lawn. I really appreciate what he does. The other men are too lazy to breath, all theyre interested in is stealing and tjoefing their crystal. Drives me insane.

By this aftenoon my bp played up again, so Toni took over the button. She watches me like a hawk and somehow always know exactly when something is wrong. Must have a radar somewhere, 'cos she doesn't miss a thing.

At this stage Ive got a splitting headache, but thank God no vomiting or cramps.

So Id say it was a good day.


I realized something today. I cannot dare to sit and feel sorry for myself. That wouldnt do my loved ones or me any good.

My goal now is only to be there for them. To let them know I love them and care for them always. I want to embrace

every moment with them. 'Cos life is so short. And everything can change in the blink of an eye.


It has been a good day all round. I had no side effects today. Besides feeling tired now and then, it was a lovely peaceful day.


Today started off very well. Woke up early, feeling on top of the world.

Everybody at the shelter kept themselves busy with their own things. Some working in the garden others just lazing around.

Just after lunch the nausea, vomiting and cramps started again. I cannot believe how quickly things can change. From feeling fine one minute to miserable as hell the next.

At least the vomiting stopped by 16h00 but the cramps remained. It is so sudden and so painfull.

Hoping that tonight will be a good one.


Well today started out with a bang. There was a young lady (22) lying in the field next to the shelter. We brought her in warmed her up, she was ice ice cold.

She was totally out of it. What a sad business, so young on drugs. Where are their families I wonder.

Thank goodness I was feeling okay, or I wouldnt have been able to deal with it.

By about one or two o'clock lady woke up. Tearful and anxious. But it all turned out okay. Her family fetched her at about 16h00.

As for my health, only the cramping today. And hotflushes. They're awefull.


Today has been a quiet day. Thank goodness no side effects. Apart from terribly restless legs. Im fine and thats all that matters.



Chat Shack

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