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Hannelie 's Diary

Eversince Friday my emotional state has been like a rollercoaster. One minute quite already, the next minute feeling like Im slowly sinking into this dark pit. Thoughts of the last 30yrs keep popping into my head.

Amazing how memories of little insidents just flood your mind. Memories of good as well as the bad.

Then I cant help but wonder, is this where it ends. How many setbacks can one person endure. How much more is yet to come.


Seems Ive managed to pull myself out of that dark place again. Today I felt I could face the world and its challengers again.

Things are more settled at the shelter, and thats a relief. Everyone seems to be at peace with everyone else. I guess with so many people with different personalities are bound to clash from time to time. Its just the way it is.

Good news is, Chantellee gave me a 10week old Jack Russell puppy, she is so cute, and seems to sense when Im having a bad time. Then she is all over me, as if to say "hey Im here for you" Its so amazing. She is such a lively bundle of joy, just what needed I think.

Im feeling more positive than Ive felt in a while. I feel able to face my daily challenges again.

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