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Please hold on there

You are not alone. What you are feeling is perfectly normal for a person with BPD. You feel immensely and you have great empathy for others. The inner demons you battle every day, you do not need to battle those alone. Therapy can help you ease your emotional pain you are going through. Please know you are worthy, and you deserve to get better in life and be able to be around people who truly care for you and love you. Therapy will help you recover to the point you look back only to see how far you have come to in your journey. 💓

I know right now it seems an impossible dream. But getting the right kind of help, talking about your feelings taking the right kind of medicine, it is a reachable dream.

Remember getting the right combination of medicine is quite important. And unfortunately a process you have to use all your patience in. It's not just about prescribing medicine and you feel better. It's a trial by error process. You can make the process easier, by being honest about how you feel. The physician will keep on adding and taking away till he finds the right combination especially for you. Your combination won't help a friend, and theirs won't help you. Each and everyone's is different.

Talking about how you feel, isn't a sign of weakness. But rather a way of finding help. If you don't talk, it gets bottled up. And it's a bottle of emotions waiting to explode. Unfortunately it usually explodes unexpected and it can be the simplest thing that triggers the explosion.

Don't be afraid to reach out for help. I promise you you aren't the only one with BPD. There is many many more. And by sharing your experience you can help another finding answers to their concerns.


The Shackz

WhatsApp Support group

083 651 3729

065 741 3428


Growing Wings

071 060 4339

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