# Boost your self-awareness

# Look before you leap

# Set meaningful goals - pair them with an action plan

# Make small changes

# Befriend yourself

# Know and embrace your strengths as well as your weakness

# Practice mindfulness

# Work with a psychiatrist

The first step you have to take is to learn to be honost with yourself. Facing what the triggers are and why there is triggers. Knowing your triggers you can start formulating a plan and find solutions. On how to avoid the triggers or how to deal with them. In dealing with a trigger you can't avoid you back up plan needs a back up plan. Find a way that works for you that suits your circumstances your way out.

Clarify personal values - do your self-respect take the back seat just because you don't stand up for. yourself??

Do the opposite - List all your ways of self-sabotaging behaviour with as much info on them as possible (your usual behavior) Then start doing the complete opposite.

Breaking a behavioral pattern is behaviorly.

Having insight, cognition and emotions are fundamentaly crucial in changing your behavior. You have to start changing behavior to see the progress

You must be honost with yourself through out the process. Being honost answer these questions :

@ In which areas does your Self-sabotage usually occur??

@ What sets these areas apart from other times??

@ What lies behind your Self-sabotage??

Answer these questions and make an effort to STOP


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