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We are a NPO/NGO that has formed because of people like us that has know one to talk to. About their psychological and personal problems. We are here if you have a cellphone or laptop you can be in contact with us.

We use the texting platform as means of communication. No records everything is held digital. It is more private to our clients. We are always available, in other words leave your messages and when we wake up in the middle of the night we answer your message.

Currently we are over run with persons who can't take a break from work to go see a professional we help as far as we can. Or that dont have medical aid, WE DO NOT CHARGE. We make sure you get the necessary support from us, we will help you find answers. Be here for moral support, be someone you can trust, and we have what's up groups where you can talk to participants that knows out of experience what you are going through. Nobody judges, what you have done to survive or doing to survive. All that counts to us is YOU SURVIVED...

We have been doing this for more than 5 years now and we doing it out of our own pocket, the admins is volunteers that use their own data to be available when someone reaches out. We try to always reply immediately. We don't have a machine that place music while you are having a break down. We know how it feels to have the need to talk, and just be listened to. Sometimes you don't need advise you just need to be heard.

What we are offering you now:

Men who are abused we want them to have a safe place because they are out there and nobody takes notice of them. They just keep quiet because they are a man. They don't talk about their pain. With this we tend to see more men stepping fwd. Asking for help. We want the everyday man to realize, that his not alone in being unable to carry the work stress, the family stress and the financial stress. We acknowledge their efforts, just as we acknowledge their need to talk. Divorced men battling to see their own children Men that can stand up and say:

I can't cope anymore.

I have a drinking problem.

I get to angry for nothing.

I am tired.

I can't perform sexually

I cheat, I am addicted to porn.

This group is for you, you aren't alone, we have you...

Woman reaches out for assistance when being raped. We go with them through everything online. We stand by woman getting abused, woman who is getting an abortion. Woman who just need to know someone is listening.

When you say I am not appreciated.

When you are emotionally so tired you can't carry on

The woman who can't do anything right

When you just need to hear "I have you"

We are literally just a message away.

Most in trauma withdraw because they will get hysterical if they talk. We give them the option to talk whenever they want to, without needing to hear themselves say it out loud, until they are ready.

We are here for cancer and other untreatable diseases. Where the patients become their own and other's support. Or explaining procedures and medical treatments. What worked for them and what did not. You get advice from other cancer and untreatable disease people, who did everything and learned with trial by error. Those days when the illness just get to be to much. We uplift you, we listen to you, yes we cry with you about life's cruelty, we laugh together about some of the things you do and say.

But one thing we do assure "you aren't alone on this broken road"

We are here for their families so they can understand better what the patient is going through and understand what you as caregiver go through. Those days you get angry with the patient, because you feel so damn helpless. When looking after a patient just gets to much. We understand that you also need a break. Also need to off load. We know it gets to much, sometimes. And that you love the patient, but you are only HUMAN who also needs to be supported. You are allowed to get angry, to take a break. To think of yourself...

We post real live stories people can relate to. I do posts of psychological illnesses and post it. Giving people more info on depression anxiety bipolar, alzheimers FMS, lupus, exc. Information you can understand. We try and help you make them as comfortable as possible. You might carry them, but whose keeping you up?

Our Vision

We want to put people at police stations to give immediate counseling to the raped, and abused. That first contact is critical and unfortunately they don't always get the right treatment when reporting an incident, so they walk out. The abuse or rape doesn't get reported so that person walks around with the trauma, and the offender walks around to do it again.

We want to place people at hospitals. For the patients getting booked in in an emergency. Most people find that as the most traumatic experience. The hospital staff is overwhelmed so don't have time to always explain what is going to happen next. That will be our job. Take the trauma away from being admitted.

Talk to the families keep them updated. Be able to explain what's going to happen next. Or just be with them let them know they aren't alone.

Please i ask for any assistance you might offer to get this program up and running. We are going to need a lot of people yes. So we can create jobs for quite a lot of unemployed persons.

Trained and on the job training. We need people to build each other up, to walk their road with them.

We practice by five point code:

No colour

No gender

No judgement

No religion

Everyone counts

Meaning of Our emblem

Why the Phoenix because you can rise out of the ashes of an old life and begin a new life. A new beginning. It doesn't matter how many times you fall down, what counts is how many times you rise up!!


We have three people who is on the NPO

Toinette Grobbelaar (Toni)

Hannelie Taljaardt

Frik Schoultz

I Toinette (Toni) is the creator and founder of The Shackz.


The Shackz

Emotional Support Line

Toinette Grobbelaar (Toni)

WhatsApp Groups

‪083 651 3729‬

065 741 3428

Toni. Hannelie Frik

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