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Our Approach

Our approach is a WhatsApp service where people can send the word Hi to a private line

083 651 3729 Toni

065 741 3248 Toni

079 847 4709 Hannelie

071 060 4339 Carmen

and get in touch with one of our admins. We will also be partnering with Growing Wings ( Carmen and Toni) reaching out to Women of all ages.

The Men's Sector to grow awareness of the service on The Shackz and remove barriers to getting assistance,

Where we always encouraged victims to be brave and report immediately, there are other socio-economic problems that need to be considered.

Given the various circumstances people find themselves in. It is difficult for victims to call for help and it also stops men who are ashamed of showing weakness from reaching out. For men whose fighting to see their children. Suffering from GBV, work stress, coping with every day stress. With this in mind, the text-based service aims to enable them to silently send a text for help, without being detected,

The Shackz is not only for GBV but for people in all walks of life.

We are here for the days it all just get overwhelming. Life happens and you end up with more questions than answers.

Person's with Personality Disorders our government hospitals is over run with people looking for help. So most turn around and walk away not wanting to sit in a eight row deep linejust needing to talk.

We have a Cancer site and group where you can get answers on what's happening next in your treatment. From people who was there who did go through all the procedures. It will be explained in a way you will understand. Giving you advise on how to cope with side effects what worked for them. What might work for you.

There's a group for woman who survived GBV, who is still trying to put their pieces together.

And then a group where you can just tell your truth find support within a group of people who might know your situation because they were there.

First phase: You just say #HI, A person will answer you back and they will talk to you confidentially until you are ready for the

2nd Phase Joining a group for that extra support. For you to realize you aren't alone someone is listening.

The first phase aims to raise awareness about the LifeLine number, so that people know that there is help available to them.

People with insight on the WhatsApp functionality and that help is 'only one Brave text away'.

The Helpline is for both men and women.

This initiative aims to provide a 'silent' helpline for both victims and those who practice GBV, rape victims, teen pregnancies. All you need to do is break your silence, via text.

This WhatsApp line gives victims who could be men or women a way to get counselling silently.

Start on the journey to find yourself. All of this can now happen silently.

We have been reaching out to people all over the country for the past 5 years now. If you have a cellphone or laptop we are reachable.

So take that first brave step and say HI.


The Shackz

Creator & Founder

083 651 3729

065 741 3248

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