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Narcissists being alone

Why are narcissists afraid to be by themselves?

In my experience, narcissists do not like being alone.

Narcissists have lots of demons inside, more than most people. Narcissists are unable to face these demons, come to terms with them, and shift them into a better place by doing inner work and healing. They simply are incapable of doing this

These demons are running loose inside the narcissist, out of control.

Instead, narcissists try and suppress their demons. But suppressing the demons can cause a lot of internal pressure to build up. Hence, they need a target to project these demons onto.

The only way the narcissist can relieve the pressure of the demons, is through projection. Otherwise the narcissists implode from the pressure, and obviously they can't have that.

Therefore, narcissists struggle being alone, because being alone means they are without a scapegot to project their demons onto.

They need someone to take the pressure off them, and absorb this. In other words, they need someone to take on their pain… their demons.

And this person should always be at their service.

You will find they always talk about you. No everything about you. You have a red bulls eye on your back. You are never right never good enough. They find ways to hurt you and gets very angry when you withdraw. Bad mouthing you. Making you out to be the worst person on earth.

They are always right and knows everything better than anyone else.

They need someone to control someone they can rule over. Tell them when how and what needs to be done.

And so so good at either playing the victim or playing the savior.

Remember in their minds they are trying to 'help' you.


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